Why choose SKF bearings?

What makes SKF bearings stand out from all the opposite bearings on the market? Here is why we think it’s best to consider choosing SKF the next time you’re looking for a replacement bearing.

Five reasons why try to be using SKF bearings.

1. Prolonged service life

Every single enterprise has productivity at its core, looking to extend their upkeep intervals and keep downtime to a minimum. That’s why SKF have spent decades growing their bearings to have the longest possible service life.

SKF bearings have been proven to extend service life when compared to equivalent bearings from different manufacturers. A longer service life means reduced chance of machine breakdown, minimised downtime and enhanced productivity.

2. Options for every application

Whether or not you’re working in the stringent meals and beverage industry, the depths of the marine trade or the tough combination business, SKF has a wide range of products to stand as much as the calls for of your operating environment.

SKF has designed many specialist bearings and elements to meet the requirements of each industry. For example, SKF Meals Line bearings have been designed with the challenges of the meals and beverage industry in mind. This signifies that these bearings are able to face as much as high pressured washdowns whilst complying with all related legislation.

3. Research and development

While you purchase an SKF bearing, you aren’t just buying a bearing. You’re also buying over a century of research and development which has gone in to designing and creating each single SKF bearing.

Since 1907, SKF has dedicated time and resources in growing progressive options for every industry. By means of this innovation, SKF has developed products which deliver reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

4. Warranty

Every SKF bearing come with a warranty on your peace of mind. This signifies that ought to your bearing fail prematurely, SKF will perform a root cause analysis on the bearing. If it is discovered to have failed due to a producing fault, SKF will repair or change the bearing, taking a weight from your shoulders.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability is on the coronary heart of SKF’s business model. SKF strives to deliver a positive impact to each folks and the climate. Once you purchase an SKF bearing, you may rest assured in the knowledge that it has been sustainably produced with the intention of delivering efficient performance in your machinery.

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