Buying Guide: Kids Kitchen Playset

Buying a kitchen playset can really feel a little like a Goldilocks story. You’re searching for the one that’s just right – the design to make you and your little chef joyful, the quality to last via the years, and all the features to enable fun, immersive fake play. That will help you find your perfect play kitchen fast, we’ve laid out all of the factors you’ll wish to consider earlier than making the big purchase!

Dimension & Counter Height

First, make sure to measure the space you propose to place your new play kitchen – eyeballing it isn’t the way to go here! Even when space is tight, smaller play kitchens can squeeze into little areas and are ideal for toddlers. So far as discovering the correct measurement play kitchen to your child, it’s tough to go flawed – even bigger kids will still enjoy playing with smaller play kitchen sets, and the littlest little will develop into larger kitchens. But should you’re looking for that perfect fit, go for a play kitchen with countertops which are concerning the height of their hips.


Most kid’s kitchen playsets are made of either wood or plastic. Plastic play kitchens typically come in at a lower price point, however usually at the price of quality. Wooden children’s play kitchens are inclined to last longer, look more realistic to your kids, and (real talk) look higher in your home.

Color and Design

Speaking of looking better in your home… there’s no reason it’s important to settle for a vivid plastic eyesore in the course of your playroom. Our selection of wooden play kitchens are available just about every color and style you possibly can hope for means you may pick the proper play kitchen to vibe with your own home’s aesthetic.

Your Child’s Interests

One other thing you’ll want to match? Your kiddo’s pursuits and preferences! Maybe you want a gender-neutral design so your little guy doesn’t think of play kitchens as a “girl’s” toy. Perhaps you’re looking to recreate your child’s favorite parts in regards to the real kitchen like utilizing the ice machine or looking by the window above the sink. Regardless of the case, only you know the features that will make a play kitchen the proper fit to your little chef. If you’re shopping for the play kitchen as a gift for another person, be sure to ask their parents what particular touches they’d love to have!


Most play kitchens come with no less than a few accessories like pots, pans, dishes and play food. While those cute little fake cupcakes are something to consider, they shouldn’t make or break your decision. You may always add additional play kitchen accessories later.

Extra Features

After all, the perfect thing about play kitchens is that they encourage good old-fashioned fake play, however a number of additional features like working light and sounds can make that imaginative play even more immersive. Beeping microwaves, working ice machines, and stovetop sound effects can add realism to your kids’ kitchen playset and make it even more engaging, although some mother and father choose noiseless kitchen playsets (hey, we get it).

From large corner kitchens to tiny toddler kitchens, from fairly pinks to calming neutrals, our line of kids play kitchens has something for each little sous chef out there. Browse our full collection of wood play kitchens to search out the one which checks off your wantlist!