What we all need to know about “Ɔkɔr/Nkɔr.”

Why "Ɔkɔr?"

“Ɔkɔr”, is an appellation used by all Past Students of Aggrey Memorial A.M.E Zion SHS. It should prefix every Member’s name when you are calling or writing. For example “Ɔkɔr Dr. Antoinette Malm”

What's the meaning of “Ɔkɔr”?

“Ɔkɔr” means Eagle. In Fante  or Twi. Since the School crest comprises of an Eagle and the School is situated on a Fante land, it was thought appropriate to choose the Fante name of an Eagle to address past students.

“Ɔkɔr” is used for singular person. So when calling our colleague, we use “Ɔkɔr”. “Nkɔr” is the plural version for two or more people. We also use *Nkɔr* when referring to a larger congregation of past students at a meeting or an event. For example All “Nkɔr” are invited to attend our second annual virtual meeting at 6pm.

Why not AMOSA?

AMOSA” is the acronym of Aggrey Memorial Old Students Association. We can’t use an association name as a prefix when calling a fellow old student. 

However, we can still use the AMOSA in another way. How? For example, “Under the auspices of the AMOSA Secretariat and the AMOSA National Executives, all Nkɔr are reminded of our…”

We do not Say or write AMOSAs or AMOSAN

We hope that you will find this little explanation of the use of “Ɔkɔr/Nkɔr and AMOSA” to be useful.

The only bird that dares to peck at an Eagle is the crow. The crow sits on the eagle’s back and pecks at its neck. However, the eagle does not respond, nor fight the crow; it doesn’t waste time or energy on the crow!

It simply opens its wings and begins to rise higher in the heavens. The higher the flight, the harder it is for the crow to breathe and then the crow falls due to lack of oxygen.

Stop wasting your time with the crows.
Just take them to your heights and they’ll fade.