We, the alumni of Aggrey Memorial Zion Senior High School, have organized our Alumni Association called AMOSA UK, in order to promote a spirit of loyalty to our alma mater.
Above all, we aim to foster fellowship and fraternity among ourselves while nurturing growth and development in Aggrey Memorial Zion Senior High School. We hereby pledge ourselves to abide by the following constitution as a working basis in all our activities.
The Constitution: – Aggrey Memorial Old Student Association, UK

1.0. Name
The Association shall be called The Aggrey Memorial Old Student Association in the United Kingdom abbreviated to “AMOSA-UK”

2.0 Aims and Purpose:
The Association shall exist to provide the opportunity for members foster relations
among themselves and to collectively assist Aggrey Memorial Zion Senior High School,
Cape Coast, hereinafter referred to as “the School” with both financial and material

2.1 Meet together, and, generally
(a) Foster helpful relationship and fellowship among past students
(b) Offer professional support, guidance and friendship to all its members
(c) Undertake fundraising events to support projects that will benefit its UK
community here in the UK.
(d) Will be voluntary and not affiliated to any political or religious groups
But support non-governmental organisations (NGO) projects if required.
(e) Promote and share expertise both locally and internationally.
(f) Foster a good relationship with other Ghanaian organisations and other UK organisations.

3. Jurisdiction
To act as the Alumni representative body for all past students of Aggrey Memorial Zion Senior High School within the United Kingdom.

4. Membership
Full Membership of AMOSA UK shall be open to all past students of the school.
Honorary or Associate membership may be granted to others who show a commitment
and interest in the well-being of the Association and its purpose.
3.1 Any member who commits serious acts of misconduct e.g. fraud, shall be
suspended pending investigation.

5. Subscriptions
Every member shall pay a termly contribution of £20 or an annual contribution of £60 commencing 1st January of each year.

There will be at least eight officers comprising:
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. 2x Co-ordinators and their deputies
4. Welfare Officer x 3
5. Financial Secretary
6. Treasurer
7. Secretary and deputy
8. Publicity Officer
9. Internal Auditor
These Officers shall be elected or nominated from among the active full membership of the association where no member candidate stands up for election. The final vote will be decided by a simple majority.

6.1 Tenure of Office
All Office positions shall be limited to a term of two (2) years beginning January 1 and to a maximum of two terms.

6.2 Resignations
Each member of the Executive who wishes to resign must give three (3) months’ notice to
step down at the next schedule meeting.

7. Duties and Responsibilities of Officers
7.1 President:
(a) Shall lead the Association and its Executive
(b) Represent the Association and conduct the business of the Association as defined by the Constitution and Bye-laws.
(c) Preside over all meetings of the Association and that of the Executives.
(d) Call special meetings of the Association, the Executives, or any of the Association’s committees and/or task forces when necessary
(e) Appoint chairs for committees and task forces, with the approval of the Executives.

7.2 Vice-President:
Deputise for the President when the President becomes unable to attend to presidential duties;
(a) The Vice President shall lead the association and its executives in the absence of the President.
(b) Perform, at the discretion of the President, other duties not otherwise assigned by the Constitution or Bye-laws
(c) Provide advice and direction to committees/task forces so that they can achieve the Association’s goals and fulfil the Association’s mission
(d) Participate as a member of the Executive, attending meetings and special meetings as scheduled, both onsite and via teleconferencing 4x a year
(e) Representing the general membership on issues of interest or concern, particularly those that arise outside or the standing committee structure.

7.3 Secretary
The Secretary shall certify the integrity of the records and transactions of the Association and the Executive; and perform all other duties authorized in these Bylaws or as the
Executive may authorize.
(a) He/she shall keep and maintain register of all members of the association
(b) Shall take and keep minutes of both general and executive meetings
(c) Shall deal with all correspondence related to the association
(d) Shall prepare the agenda, verified with the President for the next meeting

7.4 Financial Secretary
The Financial Secretary shall work closely with the Treasurer and President/Vice-President to:
(a) To manage the financial assets of the Association
(b) Ensure an accurate record of all receipts and payment authorisations for the Treasurer’s financial records
(c) Prepare with the Treasurer and present a Financial Secretary’s report as Association and Executive Board Meeting and at other times when requested by
the Association. The report must include all receipts, deposits and authorisation for payments
(d) Co-ordinate with the President/Vice-President for an annual review of the Association’s accounts.
(e) Ensure that all fund-raising monies are carefully invested in deposit accounts separate from the Association’s current account

7.5 Treasurer
The Treasurer shall serve as the primary steward of the financial resources of the Association by ensuring the adequate recording and reporting of the Association’s financial transactions and adherence to an annual budget; and perform all other duties authorized in these Bye laws or as the Executive Council may authorize.
(a) He/she shall receive all monies on behalf of the association
(b) Keep the accounts of all members’ dues and pay into the bank
(c) Report and publish prior to every National meeting an updated full list of paid-up members;
(d) Shall manage the association’s account books
(e) Shall make financial statements and present it to the Association every quarter;
(f) Shall render an accurate account to Executives to be monitored by an internal auditor and annually by a financial review committee.
(g) Shall be supported by the financial secretary in keeping the financial records.

7.6 Events and Activities Co-Ordinator
The role of the Organiser is vital to the Association’s development. He/she would work closely with the Publicity Officers and any nominated sub-committee to:
(a) Organise the Annual President’s Ball
(b) Co-ordinate with active year groups to suggest which year group would co-host the President’s Ball
(c) Organise the Annual Thanksgiving Service
(d) Source venues for meetings and events
(e) Arrange Talks with expert from the membership
(f) Organise fundraising activities for the Association
(g) Act as liaison Officer between the Association and other Past Student Bodies and Affiliated Associations in the UK
(h) To arrange a programme of events and coordinate events for the Association to be involved in;

7.7 Publicity Officer
To work closely with the Events and Activities Coordinator to boost membership and to make AMOSA UK better known to the public and the AMOSA UK community at large,
(a) To be responsive to updates on AMOSA UK’s website and social media
(b) Produce quarterly Newsletter for the Association to be shared on its website.
(c) Publicise AMOSA UK events and promote a positive image of the Association

7.8 Projects Co-ordinators
All AMOSA UK projects in the School shall be co-ordinated and managed by AMOSA UK. The Projects Officer shall:
(a) Work closely with the President/Vice-President and/or a projects committee as may be appointed by the President to achieve project success;
(b) assist the Association in identifying viable projects that can be undertaken, supervised and maintained under its umbrella
(c) Upon the satisfactory nomination of a project which has been agreed with the membership, initiate and supervise the said project on behalf of AMOSA UK in the school;
(d) provide quarterly reports on product initiatives;
(e) liaise with the school about areas of concern;
(f) Visit the school and organise project meetings
(g) Keep records of all disbursements made on behalf of the Association in relation to the projects;
(h) Perform such duties as may be delegated by the President of AMOSA UK.

7.9 Welfare Officers
(a) The welfare officers will be responsible for the welfare of the Members
(b) Shall maintain a register of birthdays, deaths, and Members’ social events;
(c) Will announce and co-ordinate welfare activities on behalf of the membership;
(d) Shall keep in touch with all absentee members to see what prevents them from attending meetings and report any problems to the Executives.

8. Meetings
Formal Meetings shall be held four times a year. Informal meetings may also be held via social media platforms such as Whatsapp.

9. Social Media
The Association shall engage in social media activities such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

10. Logo
The adopted logo below shall be used on all Communication material, marketing and branding for the association. 

11. Quorum
The minimum number of voting members who must be present at a properly called meeting to conduct business in the name of AMOSA UK is seven (7).

12. Finance
12.1 The fiscal year shall end in December each year
12.2 A financial review shall be undertaken quarterly
12.3 The treasurer shall pay all monies received on behalf of the association into the Association’s bank account within one week of receipt.
12.4 All cheques will be made payable to the association’s name (AMOSA UK)
12.5 There would be three designated signatories to act on behalf of the association and these will be the President, Treasurer or Financial Secretary. However, any two signatures of the three is acceptable in the absence of one.

13. Disposal of Assets
In the event of dissolution, all assets/funds shall remain in the ownership of AMOSA UK. These assets/funds may be disposed of to a nominated charity, selected and agreed by 2/3 of the executives at a special meeting.

14. Out-Going Officers
Out-going Officers shall be honoured with a plaque and/or an AMOSA UK medal.

15. Patrons
Patrons will be appointed by the Executive to lend support and give advice. They will be persons that are respected by the membership that can give valuable advice, be supportive and beneficial to the Association’s Fundraising activities. The full term of office for a Patron shall be two years.

This Constitution may be amended at a meeting duly advertised and called for this purpose. Voting on any amendment shall be by a simple majority at a quorate meeting.

17. Bankers:
The National Westminster Bank Plc. shall be the banker for the association

1.0 Any member of the Executive who abuses, is rude and/or insults another Officer, shall be summarily dismissed from the Executive and be replaced by a nominated Officer
2.0 Strict ground rules shall be set and applied to all social media activities.
3.0 Any member who commits serious acts of misconduct e.g. Fraud, shall be suspended pending investigations.
4.0 Welfare Policy: The Association shall establish a welfare committee to include the President.
The purpose of the Welfare Committee will be to manage a welfare policy, which will serve as a guide to our welfare procedures among members. Members of the
Welfare committee will include the President and the three Welfare Officers.