History of AMOSA UK

Ɔkɔr Henry Oppong

The AMOSA UK Alumni Association was created by Ɔkɔr Henry Oppong (1976-year group) in 1996. His vision for the creation was to foster friendship and fellowship among past students in the diaspora as well as to help develop the school both financially and with projects.

He discussed this with fellow Nkɔr Frederick Biney, John Koomson and Rhose Copeland at a meeting held at Henry’s house in London.

They started collecting names, phone numbers and addresses of known Nkɔr in the UK. This resulted in a first general meeting held on 26th July 1996 in the community hall at the Oval, Kennington . The meeting was successful, and the first executive was elected.

Events held under the First President
During Ɔkɔr Fred’s term at the helm, AMOSA UK held a party and fund raising event at the hall (which hall?). Funds raised at the event were used to purchase 4 computers for the school.

Ɔkɔr Fred Biney left for USA in Jan 2000 and was replaced by Ɔkɔr Hiram Laud-Anderson

The first executives were:

  • Ɔkɔr Frederick Biney – President
  • Ɔkɔr Henry Oppong – Coordinator
  • Ɔkɔr Theresa Nunoo – Welfare Officer
  • Ɔkɔr Rhose Copeman – Financial Secretary
  • Ɔkɔr Richard Ockan – Secretary
  • Ɔkɔr John Collin Koomson – Treasurer

AMOSA UK was formed, and it was agreed that it would meet monthly. A constitution was subsequently drawn and adopted at a meeting held on 22nd Sept 1996.

The association’s bankers was and still is Natwest.

Dues and Subscription
Subscription was set at £2 minimum per month and members were encouraged to contribute more if they could.

2nd President
While Ɔkɔr Hiram Laud-Anderson was president, each Aggrey speech day was celebrated by attending a service at the Methodist Church, Walworth Road followed by a celebratory get together and meal

3rd President
Ɔkɔr Josephine Brown took over as the President in 2006 when Ɔkɔr Hiram had to leave unexpectedly for Ghana

During Ɔkɔr Josephine’s presidency, the association, whose membership had previously consisted mainly of 1970s and 1980s year groups grew to include a lot of 1990s year groups.

Ɔkɔr Ebo Mbea took over the role of secretary from Ɔkɔr Richard Occan and Ɔkɔr Saadia Alege was appointed treasurer to take over from Rhose Copeman who had doubled up as both treasurer and financial secretary when Ɔkɔr John Koomson left for the Ghana.
In July 2006, Amosa UK contributed £500 towards building the wall at the school. The project was organised by AMOSA Ghana and AMOSA North America also contributed towards it.
A decision was also made to buy plates for the school but this did not come to fruition.

Ɔkɔr Josephine’s presidency ended in 2013 when she left for Ghana

Ɔkɔr Golda Kwaasi become president after Ɔkɔr Josephine in 2013

Under Ɔkɔr Golda’s watch, AMOSA-UK refurbished the staff common room in May/June 2016, held first and very successful dinner dance at the Croydon Hilton hotel – funds raised were intended for building/renovating toilets at the school – but didn’t happen why?

Ɔkɔr Lyssiemay Annoh took over the presidency in Jan 2020 – the year of the corona virus pandemic.

During Ɔkɔr Lyssiemay’s term at the helm; changes were made to the constitution which were approved by a general meeting of the association on 28th March,2020.
The president’s term has been set at two years initially, renewable for another two making a maximum term of fours years.
The president has also negotiated with the French Embassy in Ghana for textbooks for the French department

The Ga festival Homowo was celebrated by Nkɔr at Southwark park on 29th August, 2020 (HIP 2020). It was well attended in spite of the short notice and all proceeds went to the AMOSA UK coffers. We look forward to HIP 2021. It is anticipated that we will celebrate other Ghanaian festivals in the future, beginning with Afahyie.

Any other activities of note???

Current Executives Committee